THC And CBD Products In MLB

The 2022 World Series is right around the corner, and the players are more intense and focused than ever. After a full year of almost 200 baseball games, it all comes down to seven games at the end of October. Every player on each side has to get their mind and body into peak shape to perform under the immense pressure of becoming world champions. It seems like chilling out with THC and CBD products would be the last thing these athletes would do, but that could not be further from the truth.MLB and THC and CBD products

MLB players utilize the calming effects and muscle recovery properties of THC and CBD products to enhance their play. To better understand how and why MLB players use THC and CBD products, we have to take a deep dive into Major League Baseball. We will talk about the history of cannabis use in the MLB, how THC and CBD products affect players’ bodies, and testimony from former players. Once we discover how MLB players use THC and CBD products to take their game to the next level, you can learn how THC and CBD products can help you.

The History of MLB and Cannabis

Many sports leagues are known for infamous drug testing requirements. Until a few years ago, NFL players could be suspended for an entire year if they tested positive for cannabis. However, the MLB has been an outlier, as they have never suspended big leaguers for using cannabis. The MLB listed cannabis as a banned substance but would only fine players if they had extraordinarily high levels of THC in their system.

Despite MLB players in the big league being able to use cannabis, this was not the case for minor league players. The MLB has over 100 minor league teams, significantly more than the 30 teams in the big leagues, and every minor league player obeyed their draconian cannabis policy. Unlike their big league counterparts, players in the minors were suspended for extended amounts of time if they tested positive for THC. Then in 2019, the MLB removed THC and CBD products from their banned substances list. Now big and minor league players alike can enjoy the miraculous powers of THC and CBD products.

Why Do MLB Players Use THC and CBD Products?

You may wonder why the MLB removing cannabis from their banned substances list is so important; it is because cannabis works wonders for athletes’ minds and bodies. MLB players play 162 regular season games every year and additional games if they make the playoffs. The number of games played is far more than any other sports league, so MLB players fight off the wear and tear of a year-round grind with THC and CBD products.

Professional sports players cannot go an entire year without dings and bruises, and MLB players know that better than anyone. Many players will deal with back, wrist, and upper body soreness throughout the year. To combat these sports injuries, MLB players turn to the all-natural painkilling effects of THC and CBD products. CBD relaxes the muscles in the human body, which creates a soothing sensation for aching muscles. One can take CBD orally to have relaxing effects throughout their entire body or use CBD creams that target specific aching muscles. Many MLB players go to CBD to care for their aching muscles before, during, and after games.Buy THC and CBD products

Another considerable part of the MLB grind is the travel. MLB players constantly travel by plane and bus to ballparks around the United States and Canada. One night they can be in California, and the next day they are playing a doubleheader in Florida. Cannabis is a godsend for players looking to sleep on uncomfortable plane rides and hotels. There are specific CBD products designed to help you sleep, and THC is proven to help people sleep deeper and longer. Instead of using medication that can screw up your circadian rhythms, like melatonin, MLB players love the all-natural sleep-inducing effects of THC and CBD products.

MLB Player Testimony

Now that you know how and why MLB players use THC and CBD products, you can hear how these products affect actual MLB players. One former MLB player, Dick Hayhurst, can attest to how many MLB players use cannabis. In an interview with CBS sports, Hayhurst said about the MLB, “It’s like a Cheech and Chong experiment up there… baseball really knows that its players smoke a lot of marijuana.” Hayhurst said players would have so much marijuana that it could “fill a pillowcase.” Hayhurst’s testimony shows that MLB players are no strangers to cannabis and embrace its health benefits.

One former MLB player has taken his affinity for cannabis to the next level. The Florida Marlins picked Ryan Tucker in the first round of the MLB draft in 2005. A highly touted prospect, Tucker was hampered by injury and only had 18 big league appearances over his 10-year career. Then in 2013, Tucker suffered a career-ending injury. After his MLB career, Tucker started a marijuana cultivation business in California. He credits cannabis for keeping him away from addictive painkillers, a move that he says, “saved my life.” Tucker has advocated for MLB players using cannabis, saying, “[MLB players] benefit greatly from a cannabinoid treatment plan, THC and CBD.” Instead of pitching on the mound, Tucker is creating THC and CBD products to help MLB players have longer, pain-free careers.

THC And CBD Products For You

Most people do not live like MLB players, straining their bodies daily and traveling long hours at night. However, many people experience these events on a smaller scale. Like MLB players, you can also use THC and CBD products to improve your mind and body. If you have a long flight, followed by an early morning, a few hours of sleep on the plane can change your physical and mental state. If you take CBD products for sleep, you can rest assured that you will have the energy to keep going tomorrow.

MLB players use cannabis for their aching muscles, and you can too. You might not be trying to hit 100-mile-an-hour fastballs, but your body might break down from strain too. A tight back, carpal tunnel, and strained eyes are all injuries that can also benefit from the power of cannabis. Just like MLB players, you can use THC and CBD products to eliminate daily pains from your life.


Overall, MLB players embrace the healing powers of THC and CBD products. These players use cannabis to kill pain, help heal their bodies, and help with sleep. Former players like Dick Hayhurst and Ryan Tucker advocate for all MLB players to embrace the miraculous cannabis plant. Also, you can take a page out of their book and use cannabis to improve your mind and body. When watching the World Series come down to the wire this week, know that THC and CBD products power the players to hit the ball out of the park.