PAIN CREAM, 3000mg CBD with ALOE (4 oz. jar)


Packed with powerful natural ingredients, our CBD Pain Cream is a cool way (literally!) to get you the relief you need, right where you need it. When applied topically, CBD can help relieve occasional aches and pains from a hard workout or, you know, sleeping in the wrong position.* This cream has a few more tricks up its sleeve. In addition to the extra-strength dose of CBD, both camphor and menthol (which is found naturally in peppermint) provide a pleasantly cooling sensation on the skin. Throw in some soothing aloe vera with 3000mg pure CBD and you’ve got one incredible pain cream.


A little about CBD… aka Cannabidiol. It’s just one of the many amazing natural cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. It’s also the most popular and common cannabinoid on the market. The CBD in this pain cream has been isolated from the rest of the natural cannabinoids, leaving you with nothing but pure CBD Isolate (and no THC). Massage a small amount into your skin to enjoy the cooling and soothing sensation.


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