World Cup Hemp: Pro Soccer and Cannabis

After four long years, the World Cup returns to TV screens across the Earth. Soccer players from every nation are in peak physical condition and ready to lay everything on the line for their country. It takes years of intense training and all-out effort for players to put the ball in the back of the net. From benchwarmers to superstars, every player in the World Cup looks for an athletic and mental edge over their opponents.

Soccer players put tons of effort into preparing for the World Cup. Although the basics like a healthy diet, excruciating exercise, and proper sleep are all essential to a top athlete, they are hiding some secrets too.

Cannabis and hemp products help many pro soccer players reach the peak of performance. Products like CBD oil can help reduce inflammation and anxiety while promoting great sleep. Similarly, psychoactive cannabis and hemp products can help take the edge off after huge games. These players are the best in the world, and they turn to cannabis and hemp products to help them succeed. If these players use these products to help their well-being, imagine how they can transform your physical and mental health.

Are Soccer Players Allowed To Use Cannabis?

Many sports leagues have draconian drug testing requirements. For many years, leagues such as the NFL and NBA suspended players for using cannabis, despite its medicinal properties. So, can professional soccer players use cannabis and hemp products?

Cannabis and hemp products are legal for most professional soccer players. The international governing body of soccer, FIFA, allows players to use CBD but not THC. Therefore, FIFA allows players in FIFA events to use CBD oil, topical creams, and other products. Still, they cannot light up a joint. However, some drug testing restrictions depend on countries.

If a player is in a club in a country where cannabis and hemp are legal, such as the Netherlands, they may use cannabis and hemp. However, in countries where recreational use is restricted, such as certain states in the US, players may not use cannabis and hemp. Therefore, some soccer pros can use cannabis at home, but not during the World Cup.

Why Do Soccer Players Use CBD?

Pro soccer players gravitate to CBD because of the physical and mental demands of soccer. Soccer games are 90 minutes long, and players constantly move around the pitch. During a match, the average player moves 11 kilometers, and some players move up to 18 kilometers! With that much movement, players must keep their muscles and joints in great shape. To assist with their body, players turn to CBD. CBD helps reduce joint inflammation and reduces muscle pain. Therefore, pro soccer players that take CBD can run longer and harder during a match without worrying about pain and fatigue.

A pro soccer players’ physical condition is critical to their performance on the pitch. However, their mental state is arguably more important. An athlete can have the best body in the world, but if they are an anxious mess on the pitch, they will be useless. To calm their mind, players use CBD products. Not only does CBD relax muscles, but it also relaxes the brain. A dropper of CBD before the match can change a pressure-packed penalty kick from a just-miss to a game-winner.cbd oil

After the soccer match, you may think that CBD’s job is over. Nevertheless, CBD continues to play an essential role in soccer pros’ health routines. Remarkable athletes also need a remarkable recovery. CBD helps with the most vital part of recovery, sleep. A pill of CBD oil helps athletes go to sleep and stay asleep. Whether on the team plane or in a hotel room, athletes know they can fall asleep in a flash.

Which Soccer Players Use CBD?

Tons of professional soccer players use CBD, cannabis, and hemp products to improve their play. Many are quiet about their CBD use, but several soccer stars have stepped out to support the medicinal properties of CBD.

The biggest soccer star to endorse the positive effects of CBD is Megan Rapinoe. One of the brightest superstars in the world, Megan Rapinoe knows a thing or two about the World Cup. Rapinoe captained the US National Team to World Cup victories in 2015 and 2019. Rapinoe took advantage of CBD’s game-changing health properties to succeed on the pitch. When Rapinoe was in college, she suffered two brutal ACL injuries. Rapinoe knew she had to take special care of her body to have a long and impactful soccer career, and CBD gave her an assist. Rapinoe advocates for CBD use for pro athletes and endorses a CBD brand run by her sister. Without CBD, Rapinoe might have succumbed to injuries early in her career, but the power of CBD made her one of the greatest US soccer players of all time.

How Can You Use CBD?

As cool as it would be to play professional soccer, almost all of us will never have that opportunity. However, that does not mean that pro soccer players are the only ones that can reap the rewards of CBD. We can learn some lessons from pro soccer players and incorporate CBD, cannabis, and hemp products into our health routines.

Although many of us may not play pro sports, we still play sports. Whether it is a round of golf, B-ball at the YMCA, or soccer in the backyard, we all enjoy some sporting activity. Although we might not be Lionel Messi, we still feel aches and pains after a match. A dose of CBD before and after physical activity can decrease pain and increase recovery.cbd topical cream

Also, CBD can target specific pain. New products like CBD topical creams rub into the skin and attack brittle joints and sore muscles. These creams give instant relief where you need it. If your ankle is sore after a big kick, a little CBD after the match can make all the difference.

Overall, you can be sure that cannabis and hemp products will power the players at the 2022 World Cup. Pro soccer players use CBD to curb inflammation, stop muscle pains, and help with sleep. Even soccer superstars like Megan Rapinoe use and endorse CBD. Now, if these athletes can make it to the top of the mountain with CBD, who knows what it can do for your mind and body?