What Is Delta 10 THC?

It all starts with the cannabis plant. The sticky, green flower buds the cannabis plant bears are better known by their colloquial name, marijuana. After a bit of time to cure, they grind up into a fine granulate and fit perfectly in your smoking device of choice. You likely know the euphoric feeling of getting stoned, but what precisely in marijuana causes that feeling? Delta 9 THC is the primary culprit, an all-natural compound in cannabis classified as a cannabinoid. For most stoners, this is where their knowledge ends. However, this is where the world of cannabis is just beginning. Scientists estimate there may be as many as 200 cannabinoids in cannabis, so Delta 9 THC is simply one of many. Today, we will zero in on one of these specific cannabinoids, asking – what is Delta 10 THC?

What Are Cannabinoids?

As stated previously, cannabinoids are organic chemical compounds that occur in abundance within the cannabis plant. Many of you are already intimately familiar with Delta 9 THC, the primary cannabinoid in marijuana. Furthermore, if you smoked marijuana before, you have ingested far more cannabinoids than you realize. Most notably, you smoked a healthy amount of CBD.What is Cannabis?

In and of itself, CBD consumption will not result in a euphoric high like Delta 9 THC. However, CBD can change how one experiences a high. For example, there are two well-known strains of cannabis, Indica and Sativa. Indica offers a chill body-high, whereas Sativa manifests an energetic mind-high. The reason why these strains feel different is due to their ratio of Delta 9 THC to CBD. Although both Indica and Sativa mainly consist of Delta 9 THC, Indica has significantly more CBD relative to Sativa. The higher amount of CBD alters the typical Delta 9 THC high, causing more chill vibes, relaxing one’s muscles, and inducing sleepiness. Therefore, different proportions of cannabinoids cause drastic effects on how one experiences a high. So, imagine what it is like when one introduces even more cannabinoids into the mix.

The World of Alternative Cannabinoids

The two most abundant cannabinoids in cannabis are Delta 9 THC and CBD. Other cannabinoids occur in significantly smaller quantities but still have enormous impacts on a high. Since these cannabinoids are not nearly as bountiful or popular, they are known as alternative cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC, HHC, THC-O, Delta 10 THC, and many more fall under the alternative cannabinoid umbrella. Alternative cannabinoids range from incredibly psychoactive to utterly benign, but, much like CBD, each uniquely alters a high. The effects of combining cannabinoids are known as the entourage effect, which can manifest potent, one-of-a-kind highs. However, cannabinoids also have unique effects when consumed independently, and many alternative cannabinoid products contain a singular cannabinoid. A 25mg gummy of HHC will manifest a substantially different high than a few hits of a Delta 10 THC vape. To get closer to answering our question – what is Delta 10 THC – we must explore Delta 10 THC at the scientific level.

What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 THC is known by the scientific name delta-10-tetrahydrocannabinol. It is closely related to Delta 9 THC and is a positional isomer of Delta 9 THC. All that means is that Delta 10 THC and Delta 9 THC are incredibly similar. Therefore, Delta 10 THC interacts with the same receptors in the brain as Delta 9 THC. However, the subtle difference means that Delta 10 THC causes slightly different psychoactive effects.

Firstly, Delta 10 THC is less potent than Delta 9 THC, with most people reporting that Delta 10 THC is about half as strong. Therefore, if you usually take a 25mg Delta 9 gummy, you will want to double the dosage to 50mg for a high of similar intensity.

Furthermore, the high from Delta 10 THC differs considerably from Delta 9 THC. Although many people have different experiences with Delta 9 THC, most report euphoric highs with side effects such as sleepiness and the munchies. Delta 10 THC offers a unique experience, an energizing and uplifting high. Instead of making you want to sink into your couch, Delta 10 THC imbues you with exuberance and excitement. For those who want to get fired up before a party, explore the outdoors, or even get some chores done around the house, Delta 10 THC will provide one hell of a jumpstart.

We hope that answers all your questions about what is Delta 10 THC. However, for those who are ready to explore the world of Delta 10 THC, you should first learn a few things about Delta 10 THC products.

What Delta 10 THC Products Should I Try?

First of all, it is essential to note that Delta 10 THC occurs in very limited quantities in cannabis. Therefore, extracting substantial amounts of Delta 10 THC to infuse into products is challenging. For this reason, Delta 10 THC is commonly mixed with another cannabinoid when put into a product. If you see a product claiming to contain 100% Delta 10 THC, it is likely too good to be true.

Therefore, when you try high-quality Delta 10 THC products, you can readily embrace the entourage effect. By mixing cannabinoids, you can enhance the energizing feelings of Delta 10 THC or manifest a high nearly identical to that of Delta 9 THC.

Here at Farma Barn, we are always prepared to explore new and exciting cannabinoid combinations. Hence, Delta 10 THC products are right up our alley. We currently offer a Delta 10 THC gummy, which we mix with Delta 8 THC. The two cannabinoids are perfectly proportional, and each gummy contains about 25 milligrams of Delta 10 THC and 25 milligrams of Delta 8 THC. These gummies propagate an intense high that will get you where you need to go. Additionally, it offers an unparalleled mind-high that energizes your body while your head is in the clouds. For those looking to explore Delta 10 THC products, there is no better place to start than with our Delta 10 gummies. It’s time to stop asking the question – what is Delta 10 THC – and try if for yourself!