What Is CBDa?

Today, it seems like we have a million choices for every purchase we make. Typing even the most obscure query into Amazon leads to an endless list of items. Therefore, making informed purchases as a consumer is more challenging than ever. The situation with cannabis presents a similar evolution. Back in the day, you’d buy

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What Is Delta 10 THC?

It all starts with the cannabis plant. The sticky, green flower buds the cannabis plant bears are better known by their colloquial name, marijuana. After a bit of time to cure, they grind up into a fine granulate and fit perfectly in your smoking device of choice. You likely know the euphoric feeling of getting

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Cannabis and Religion

Alternative Cannabinoids: Cannabis 101

Welcome back to Cannabis 101! Last time, we discussed different strains of cannabis. We discovered that the differences in strains of cannabis (indicas, sativas, and hybrids) result from unique THC and CBD profiles. Furthermore, the non-psychoactive analog of cannabis, hemp, gains its definition from the near-total absence of THC. We also touched on cannabinoids, the

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