The Advantages of Flower

When someone asks you about cannabis, marijuana, pot, weed, etcetera, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is a sticky green flower. The three-pronged cannabis leaf is the most ubiquitous symbol throughout the stoner world, adorning everything from humble grinders to huge ads on highway billboards. You know you’re in for a good time if you see that symbol. Furthermore, many stoners started with bud, which is likely why the marijuana flower is so famous. Although today there are countless options for consuming cannabis, flower remains one of the most popular options for stoners everywhere. Stoners worldwide know the classic feeling of burning flowers, but one may not realize all of the advantages of flower when they smoke them.

The Organic Advantages of Cannabis Flower

This may shock many of you, but cannabis products like gummies and vapes don’t grow on trees. Thankfully, cannabis flower does grow on trees, or, more specifically, an herb. Cannabis is a fascinating plant due to the psychoactive properties of its buds, which occur organically. Unlike alcohol, which undergoes fermentation, cannabis flower is picked right off the plant, providing a 100% organic buzz. Organic Cannabis Advantages

Furthermore, the harvesting of cannabis is a natural process. Although each part of the cannabis plant possesses the psychoactive cannabinoids that cause the classic buzz, the flower has the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds. However, immediately after picking, flower is not at its most potent. It undergoes a simple drying process, allowing the flower to cure, preserving the cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that cause the mind-bending effects of cannabis.

For those that love organic products, flower is an unbeatable option. Grown from a plant and cured with an all-natural process, flower proves to be an unbeatable option for those who love organic products.

The Advantage of A Classic High

More than any other method for consuming cannabis, I find that more people swear that smoking flower is the absolute best. I’ve encountered many stoners who will take a gummy or hit a dab pen when offered but prefer to smoke flower if it’s an option, saying, “It just hits different.” One might think that their belief is impacted by nostalgia, wanting to look cool with a joint between their fingers, or simply having a personal preference. However, people whose favorite method of ingesting cannabis is smoking might be onto something more.

Cannabis products like gummies and vapes begin as cannabis oil. Producers extract cannabis oil from flower, and the extraction process typically isolates cannabinoids. Although the high from cannabis is primarily caused by cannabinoids, other organic compounds play a role as well.

Terpenes and flavonoids naturally occur in almost everything we consume. From food to drinks to spices, terpenes and flavonoids give things their smells and tastes. If you have ever smoked cannabis, the familiar dank smell comes from the abundance of terpenes. However, terpenes and flavonoids don’t just contribute to the dankness of cannabis, they also increase the potency of the flower and, therefore, the power of the high.

Since cannabis oil typically exclusively consists of cannabinoids, the terpenes and flavonoids are lost. Many producers have begun to add terpenes and flavonoids back into cannabis oil, but many still lack these organic compounds. Therefore, cannabis flower really does “hit different” due to the terpenes and flavonoids. For those looking for the most intense high possible, flower is the way to go.

The Friendly Advantages of Flower

There may be no more familiar phrase in the world of cannabis than “pass the joint.” There is something almost ritualistic about rolling a joint, packing a bong, or smoking a bowl with friends. Gummies are fun in a group setting, but everyone might peak at a different time. Vapes are very simple to use, but the ease of sharing a vape makes it seem a bit too casual at times. Smoking flower feels like the perfect middle ground.The advantages of flower

Grinding up and packing weed builds anticipation for the event. When one begins to burn, everyone needs to sit close together, usually forming a tight-knit smoke circle. Then, as the weed gets passed, everyone takes as much or as little as they please, so everyone is happy by the time it’s cashed. And if anyone wants more, do it all over again.

Although smoking with friends doesn’t actually make cannabis more potent, having a good time with friends can make a high so much more enjoyable. Every stoner has stories about hilarious jokes told in a smoke circle or a time when everyone smoked way too much pot. Smoking cannabis can strengthen relationships and build new ones, and there is no way better to enjoy the cannabis community than smoking some flower with friends.

The Modular Advantages of Flower

As we discussed earlier, all forms of cannabis initially begin as flower. Therefore, if one has flower, you can create almost any form of cannabis you wish. The easiest way to enjoy cannabis flower is grinding it up and smoking it, but the possibilities don’t end there.

Another great way to enjoy cannabis flower is a dry vape. These devices heat cannabis but do not light it on fire. This process begins to vaporize the cannabis, taking the moisture out of the cannabis. Furthermore, cannabis vapor contains cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, creating a delectable high. Additionally, the vaped flower still contains psychoactive qualities. One can roll the already-vaped bud into a joint and smoke it for another nice buzz.

Another method for consuming cannabis flower that has become quite popular recently is eating raw flower. Eating flower does not cause a high, but this is not the goal. Many people believe that eating flower provides unique health benefits, such as decreasing pain, anxiety, and even cancer-related symptoms. Although there is little research in this area, it would not be a surprise to see this trend continue to grow.

For those looking for a type of cannabis without limits, flower is the way to go. With a bit of knowledge and know-how, you can create nearly anything with cannabis flower, which is perhaps its most remarkable advantage of flower.