THCa Pre Rolls

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With Farma Barn’s THCa Pre Rolls, you’re only a flame away from a good time. Each handcrafted joint is stuffed with 1.4 grams of our premium THCa flower, which is a carefully curated mixture of our Jet Crasher, Blue Meteorite, and Orange Creamsicle strains. Enjoy our Pre Rolls in a pack of five or as a single joint, which are ready to burn at a moment’s notice.

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What Are THCa Pre Rolls?

Pre-Rolls are joints that we already rolled for you. No worrying about fiddling with rolling papers and sticky weed, Pre-Rolls are ready to light right out of the package. Additionally, Pre-Rolls are filled with cannabis flower for a classic smoking experience.

Single or 5-pack

5 Pack Pre-Rolls, Single 1-gram Pre-Roll

2 reviews for THCa Pre Rolls

  1. Sid

    WOW, this is the REAL DEAL for sure!! Thank you Farma Barn, you guys ROCK

  2. Ryan S

    I had pain in my shoulder from playing lots of sports and these pre rolls melted the pain away. Very relaxing. High quality product and excellent results.

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