Produce is the Perfect Edible

The best nutrients and vitamins come from Fruits and Veggies!

What would you rather put in your system as a THC edible…. Candy which is all sugar or Nutrients and vitamins? The answer is simple as Vitamins and Nutrients help distribute the cannabinoids throughout your body within its receptors. V.S. Sugar does the opposite and blocks the receptors from actively absorbing Vitamins and Nutrients.

THC and CBD freeze dried edibles

When it comes to THC edibles you should think of it like medicine, would you prefer candy or Fruits and Veggies?

Studies show that 80% of all consumed THC products will be an edible or drink of some sort.

Many consumers are unaware that you actually need THC to properly get the effects of CBD! Having said that, when consuming edibles that are 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD stands a higher effectiveness of obtaining all the medical benefits of CBD.

Edibles with THC and CBD are clearly the future of the Cannabis industry. Many fortune 500 companies have already started to use their established brands to promote the consumption of THC and CBD.