Hemp Health: Potential For Medicinal Hemp

Many of you likely tried hemp products at some point. Whether you enjoyed the energetic high of Delta 8 or the relaxing effects of CBD, you felt the power of hemp change your body. Hemp and cannabis possess proven health benefits, such as relaxing your muscles, helping you get and stay asleep, and increasing your appetite. However, hemp and cannabis likely posses far more health benefits than currently known, because of a lack of scientific research.

Hemp products are one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States today, so you may wonder why it is under-researched. There is so little research on hemp and cannabis because of how the United States federal government classifies cannabis as a drug. Cannabis is a Schedule I drug, meaning the United States government believes it has no medicinal value. Clearly, the proliferation of the medical marijuana industry shows that many doctors consider hemp and cannabis essential medicines. Despite the obvious medicinal value of marijuana, since cannabis is a Schedule I drug, it is extremely challenging to get permission to study. Therefore, the possible incredible medical properties of hemp and cannabis merely remain potential health benefits.

Nevertheless, some scientists are able to research hemp to unlock some of its health mysteries. We will discuss several of the most fascinating scientific studies revolving around the potential health benefits of hemp products. It is important to note that many of these studies are not fully proven, and these health benefits are possibilities rather than facts. However, using these studies, one can witness the beginning of the hemp health revolution.

Hemp-Based CBD Preventing Covid

The most popular hemp product is CBD. It is the most abundant cannabinoid in hemp, and all other hemp-derived cannabinoids begin as CBD. CBD is widely used to destress while avoiding the psychoactive high of other cannabinoids. However, CBD may become much more popular if this hypothesis is proven true: taking CBD lowers your risk of catching Covid-19.

When Covid-19 rocked the world two years ago, scientists around the world raced to find a cure. We used masks and practiced social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Scientists developed many new medical treatments to help Covid-19 patients. Finally, scientists developed the Covid-19 vaccines to offer improved protection from the disease. All of these are great measures to curb the spread and damage of Covid-19, but CBD may be the answer if you want to increase your protection further.CBD Tincture

Recently, a group of researchers studied how Covid-19 responded to human lung tissue with CBD. The scientists found that human lungs protected by CBD fought off a Covid-19 infection. They studied several other cannabinoids, such as THC, and found none possessed the same capabilities as CBD. Therefore, CBD may be able to help prevent breakthrough cases of Covid-19.

If you want additional protection from Covid-19, a CBD vape pen or tinctures are the way to go. CBD is non-psychoactive, so you can take CBD at any point in the day and remain completely sober. For people concerned about Covid-19 and are willing to try a natural route, CBD could be a lifesaver.

Hemp Catalyzing Healthy Lungs

Unfortunately, not everyone can avoid lung diseases like Covid-19. Viruses and bacteria that attack the lungs can leave irreversible damage. People looking to return to normal after a lung infection may need inhalers and complex medical equipment to recover fully. Also, people who smoked cigarettes for years, or breathed toxic gases, may believe that their lungs will never be 100% again. However, another cannabinoid may come to the rescue.

CBD is the most famous cannabinoid outside of THC, but there are hundreds of other cannabinoids too. Recently, these alternative cannabinoids became mainstream, and many seek to distill these less abundant counterparts. One of the newest cannabinoids is CBC, scientifically known as cannabichromene. CBC is a close relative to CBD, as it possesses similar health benefits and is non-psychoactive. Thankfully, some scientists chose to research the new cannabinoids CBC under the microscope, and the results could be life-changing.

These scientists found that CBC could restore lungs affected by ARDS, a disease that causes fluid to build up in the lungs. ARDS results from traumatic lung injuries, such as long-term smoking, sepsis, and severe cases of Covid-19. Although patients may survive, they can deal with ARDS symptoms, like shortness of breath and aching lungs, for the rest of their lives. When these scientists investigated how CBC affects ARDS, they were shocked to find that it helped significantly. Many patients saw their ARDS subside, and CBD kickstarted their lungs into recovery. Someday, CBC might be used in hospitals worldwide to help heal all sorts of lung injuries.

CBD Reversing Liver Fibrosis

Many people suffer from the awful disease and mental disorder of alcoholism. As people continue to drink and drink, their bodies suffer immensely. They can damage their skin, kidneys, and especially their livers. Alcohol-induced liver fibrosis causes the liver to work less effectively until it shuts down entirely. What used to be a death sentence or an expensive transplant may change with the healing miracles of CBD.

We already know that CBD can potentially help protect your lungs, but what other health benefits is it hiding? Scientists contend that CBD can help modulate liver fibrosis and even prevent it. Therefore, someone suffering from liver fibrosis may not need to take expensive pharmaceutical drugs or transplant their damaged liver. A treatment centered around hemp products like CBD can potentially prevent and reverse liver fibrosis. CBD may be able to curb the horrible side effects of alcoholism, giving addicts a better chance at recovery.

Hemp Health Conclusion

Overall, the world of hemp products may soon see a medical revolution. It is essential to note that you should not believe the results of these scientific studies are facts. In the realm of health, these studies must be repeated and peer-reviewed many times over many years before approval. However, these studies give us a look into the potential health benefits of hemp products. Someday, you may take CBD to protect your lungs and CBC to heal them. Also, these cannabinoids could help struggling addicts recover. Keep an eye out for the potential health benefits of hemp products, as you can tell your friends you saw the hemp health revolution coming long ago.