Straight from the Farm: CBD-A Isolate Tincture

Cannabidiolic acid (CBD-A) is quickly becoming the next big thing on the hemp market, and it’s easy to see why.  This raw, acidic form of cannabidiol (CBD) exists in the hemp plant in its natural form, and, is only converted into CBD once it has been heated through a process known as decarboxylation.  Scientists are now discovering that CBD-A is rich in exquisitely valuable properties that can play a role in everything from mood to physical discomfort, in ways that set it apart from all other cannabinoids in the hemp plant.

One of the best ways to experience these effects for yourself is through a tincture, Farma Barn’s CBD-A Isolate Tincture.  In general, hemp-based tinctures allow sublingual absorption, which in turn, offers high bioavailability and lets, in this instance, the cannabidiolic acid to take effect within the hour, lasting for several hours at a time.  Many people prefer tinctures because they’ve a high absorption rate which leads to excellent effects, and also because this delivery method is easy to dose out and travel with.

5 Reasons to Try Our CBDA Isolate Tincture

Need more convincing still?  Well, Farm Barn’s CBD-A Isolate Tincture goes above and beyond to provide users with the ideal serving of this awesome cannabinoid, while maintaining strict quality standards that keep our customers completely satisfied with their daily hemp routines.

Reason #1: Contains 1200mg CBD-A Per Bottle

Each 30ml bottle contains 1200 milligrams of pure, isolated cannabidiolic acid extract, which is an extremely generous amount.  CBD-A is non-intoxicating, so you don’t need to worry about getting high, and it’s completely legal in all concentration amounts.  Because it’s nontoxic, you don’t have to really worry about how high of a dose you’re taking.  A full dropper of this tincture a day is plenty to give you the full extent of what the cannabinoid is capable of, coming out to 40 milligrams per serving.

Because we use cannabidiolic acid isolate, there are no other hemp compounds present in our formula.  That means that you won’t get that hemp-like flavor and aroma, which comes from the terpenes in the plant material.  Nor will you be consuming any THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid whatsoever.  CBD-A can be taken if you already have an existing hemp routine with another cannabinoid-based product.

Reason #2:  CBD-A is Extracted Using the Highest-Quality Methods

By going to great lengths, in order to produce the purest and most chemically stable cannabidiolic acid possible, Farma Barn really has one spectacular product.  You see, it starts with raw, organic hemp plant material sourced from domestic farmers with tons of experience in the hemp industry.  Then, we use an advanced extraction method to isolate the cannabinoid without applying decarboxylating techniques which would convert the CBD-A into CBD.  We work hard to purify the isolate so that it contains only the most concentrated form of cannabidiolic acid, providing everything that this cannabinoid is capable of as potently as possible.

#3: Our CBDA is Lab-Tested by a Third Partycbda

Farma Barn does not sell any products that haven’t undergone strict third-party lab analysis through a state-registered laboratory.  This is how we maintain quality control, and also how we prove to our customers that we are making only authentic, pure and potent products.  Our CBD-A is sent out to the lab per batch, where it’s tested for overall quality and safety.  Then, the samples are returned to us so that we can use that extract to make our tinctures and other products.  The lab reports are easy to find on our website, so that you can learn more about what makes our CBDA unique.

Reason #4: Offers a Soothing Lemon Flavor Coupled with Clean and Natural Ingredients

Rest assure, these formulas are as gentle as they are effective.  That’s why our tinctures and other products contain those clean and natural ingredients that agree with the body.  This CBD-A Isolate Tincture contains three basic ingredients: isolate, a plant-based carrier oil, and natural lemon flavoring.

  • Lemon flavoring allows you to really look forward to each serving, since the taste is soothing and refreshing to the palate.
  • Carrier oil serves the role of diluting the isolate so that it can exist in the ideal daily concentration level.

Basically, when you take our tincture, you can know that you’re putting only the finest ingredients into your body with each dropper.

Reason #5: It Works!

Yes, it effectively delivers an active serving of cannabidiolic acid to the body, which can then allow this cannabinoid to offer its many unique properties that could impact how you feel.  Research shows that CBD-A has tons of promise, with its properties ranging from influence over serotonin uptake, to the way in which the body’s inflammatory response behaves.  This makes CBDA a must-have for just about every hemp enthusiast who values the holistic effects of which the hemp plant is capable.  We strongly encourage everyone to try CBDA, since it can be a true gamechanger in your daily routine.

How to Take a Farma Barn CBD-A Isolate Tincture

Tinctures are incredibly user-friendly products that require next to no effort to work into a once-a-day regimen.  We recommend taking a full dropper and holding it below the tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing.  Cannabidiolic acid isn’t necessarily associated with grogginess, but if you find that CBD-infused products make you sleepy, consider trying CBD-A at night the first few times to see how it affects your energy levels.  As is the case with all cannabinoids, CBDA likely works best if taken every 24 hours so that you can maintain it in the system for maximum results.

Try CBD-A in an Incredible Isolate Tincture Form Today!

As you can see, cannabidiolic acid is a compound that’s finally getting the credit it rightfully deserves, and Farma Barn couldn’t be more excited to share it with our customers.  Since launching one of the most exceptional CBD-A tinctures on the market, checking all of the boxes to supply overall quality and effectiveness that you seek out of any hemp-based product, you will quickly see why this is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind cannabinoid from the hemp plant.