THC drinks are the Future!

Weed Drinks Are a Potential $600 Million Industry

“If you’re a beverage company and you know how to make liquid and put it in cans or bottles and make it taste good… JACKPOT!” says billionaire founder of the Largest liquor manufacture and distributor. The future of THC is Edibles and Drinks.

In August 2018, there was a forming of a joint venture (j.v.) between Molson Coors Canada, the Canadian business unit of Molson Coors Brewing Company, with a Canadian cannabis producer. Structured as a stand-alone start-up company, the j.v. combines the proven beverage experience of Canada’s leading brewing company with an innovative, fast-growing cannabis producer. The join venture is “focused on non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused beverages,” mostly because weed edibles and drinks are still prohibited in Canada.

red nectar
THC drinks by Red Nectar

The oldest marijuana beverage brand in the country is also, for now, the best-selling one. Cannabis Quencher, a line of juices and lemonades in flavors like hibiscus and strawberry that have been sold in California for the past eight years by the company VCC Brands.

There is potential in beverages featuring CBD &THC. According to analysts at Canaccord Genuity, beverages featuring CBD, the non-psychotropic compound of cannabis.

CBD drink Sales potentially reach up to $260 million by 2022, while THC-infused drinks are expected to reach up to $340 million by 2022, after a $106-million spike expected this year.

It is true that both alcohol and weed can take a toll on the body, however only alcohol has been linked to around 88,000 deaths per year. Heavy Binge-drinking too much alcohol, in the long run, can cause a person to end up fatally ill. However, there has never been a link between marijuana and overdose. Marijuana does show little adverse health effects like increased heart rate and blood pressure, but you can’t overdose on marijuana, to this day there has not been one death directly related to consuming too much marijuana.