Smoking Flower

Smoking Flower: Which Ways Are Best?

There are few smells more instantly recognizable than cannabis flower. When one opens up a new ounce, the dank scent hits nostrils like a heavyweight fighter, and the smell of burning cannabis makes any stoner’s head turn. Cannabis smoke is like nothing else, but what is the best way to produce that smoke? What’s the best method for smoking flower?

If you can think of a way to smoke cannabis, another stoner tried it. From the quick buzz of a one-hitter to ostentatious 3ft tall bongs, every cannabis user has their favorite way to smoke. However, many people get stuck only smoking one way when they could be enjoying different smoking experiences. Others need education about different smoking methods and what unique benefits each one offers. Also, with the advent of infused flower, there is a whole new way to smoke cannabis.

Just as one changes their smoking method, changing the makeup of one’s cannabis flower dramatically impacts their high. Combining alternative-cannabinoid-infused flower like THCa, Delta 8, HHC, and THC-O creates a one-of-a-kind cannabis experience.

Using a smoking method and an infused cannabis mixture can elevate a high from run-of-the-mill to a transcendent event. To show you the possibilities, we will list smoking methods, different kinds of infused flower, and some ultimate combinations for a spectacular, unique high.

Methods Of Smoking

Although this list of smoking methods is not comprehensive, it possesses the most common ways to enjoy smoking cannabis. Never be afraid to experiment with new methods! As long as you are safe, of course.


Perhaps the most well-known way to smoke, one can never go wrong with a joint. Since one holds a joint between their fingers, it is ideal for passing around during smoking sessions with large groups. The pull from a joint is incredibly smooth, and one only needs to puff as long as they wish. However, joints are known for using up large amounts of marijuana; there are other methods that are more cost-effective than smoking a joint.


Many people use the terms joint and blunt interchangeably, but one key difference exists. A blunt is rolled with tobacco papers, giving a pleasant nicotine buzz in addition to the cannabis high. Many people buy cheap cigars at gas stations and dump out the tobacco filler to replace it with cannabis, a great way to get an easy-rolling fix.


A bowl is typically a glass piece with a hollow interior. One lights the cannabis and covers a hole with a finger as they inhale, building up smoke in the hollow chamber. When one has drawn enough, they remove their finger and inhale the milky smoke. Bowls are low maintenance, simple to use, and can provide massive hits if one is brave enough.


For those desiring a single hit to get them high, a bong is the solution. It functions similarly to a bowl, but the smoke also filters through water. The water cools the smoke, making it easier to take humongous hits. If one wants to get seriously baked, a few rips from a bong will solve the problem.

Dry VapeSmoking Flower: Try THCa

One of the lesser-known ways to smoke, a dry vape functions by heating cannabis but not burning it. The heat generates cannabis vapor, not smoke, much like a liquid vape. One loads a chamber much like a bong and takes long draws of the vapor. Since the vape does not burn the cannabis, one can use the flower again for smoking. Known as “Already Vaped Bud,” or “AVB” for short, it is not as potent as unvaped cannabis but still provides a substantial high.

Infused Flower

Producers create infused flower by taking hemp flower and soaking it in cannabinoid oil. Eventually, the oil will fuse with the flower, giving the hemp flower psychoactive effects. Alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8, HHC, and THC-O are infused into flower, giving it their unique properties.

Delta 8 Infused Flower

Delta 8 is best known for its similarity to marijuana but is about five times weaker. For those interested in trying Delta 8, it is commonly known to give users a boost of energy and a euphoric high.

HHC Infused Flower

HHC is as strong as marijuana, making it a perfect substitute or addition. It creates a chill body high, but not the same bubbly head high as marijuana. Additionally, many claim that HHC causes zero paranoia, a common side effect of marijuana.

THC-O Infused Flower

THC-O is known as the psychedelic cannabinoid for its mind-bending effects. Furthermore, THC-O takes about 30 minutes to kick in, even when smoked. It’s some strong stuff, so first-time THC-O users should take it slow to adjust.

THCa Flower

THCa is not infused flower. Rather, it is an alternative cannabinoid that turns into THC (the main cannabinoid in marijuana) when smoked. Therefore, it is a one-to-one legal substitute for marijuana – perfect for those that live in a state where marijuana is not legal.

Smoking Infused-Flower Combinations

Although smoking any type of infused flower with any method will surely provide a good time, the perfect mixture can elevate the experience. Here are a couple of our favorite combinations.

Roll A Joint With THCa and THC-OSmoking Flower: THC-O

A joint of THCa and THC-O is easy to share with a group of friends, split with your bestie, or enjoy yourself. The classic marijuana high hits first, the smooth smoke soothing you. Then, after you begin to come down from the initial high, the THC-O kicks in. It alters the high into a euphoric experience you and your friends will not soon forget.

Pack A Bong With HHC and Delta 8

Take the bong bowl and pack the HHC first, then top it off with Delta 8. The initial high will give you a boost of energy, and you can take huge rips with the less potent Delta 8. Then, as you reach the bottom of the bowl, the HHC rounds off the mind-high by relaxing one’s body. By the time you cash the bowl, you will be couch-locked for sure.

A Bowl With A Little Bit Of Everything

Make your own mixture, and go heavy on your favorite cannabinoids. Grind it up, pack it in a bowl, and enjoy. Adjust the mixture a bit each time, adding more of this and less of that. Each time, you will have a unique high that never gets old.

Hopefully, these suggestions show how creative one can be with infused flower and smoking methods. Experiment with mixtures and smoking methods, and you will experience a whole new world of cannabis.