Does Rick Simpson Oil help with Cancer?

Rick Simpson Oil is different from a lot of other cannabis oils. Rick Simpson Oil contains higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The main psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that gets people “high.” 

The Question is “Does Rick Simpson Oil Treat Cancer?” When Rick Simpson was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2003, he began applying his cooked up THC oil to the cancerous spots on his body. According to Rick Simpson, the spots healed within a few days.1

Rick Simpson Oil…. Rick is The Man!

The only way to know that you have the real thing, is to produce the proper oil yourself.
There are many criminals who say that they are producing Rick Simpson Oil, and who are using Rick’s name. Rick Simpson has no connection with these suppliers and he has no involvement with the Phoenix Tears Foundation from the U.S. which is an outfit that produces his books

There are many success stories with “Rick Simpson Oil” where people with cancer cook the Heavy Sativa oil in rice cookers and after daily treatments for weeks they find a major reduction of cancer and in some cases 100% cured of cancer.

This is the official Rick Simpson video … there are many knock-offs but only one way to make Rick Simpson Oil and that is DO IT YOURSELF! I could not find the official video but here is one to check out