Infused Flower: A New Way To Consume Cannabinoids

Over the past several years, the amount of commercially available alternative cannabinoids has grown exponentially. Likewise, the way to consume these alternative cannabinoids has also continued to grow. Gummies, resin, vape cartridges, and liquid forms of these cannabinoids are all widely produced and sold. However, producers are still finding new forms of consumption for these cannabinoids. One of the latest ways to consume these alternative cannabinoids is infused flower.


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When you think about marijuana, the first thing that pops into your head is likely the sticky cannabis flower. The flower is usually ground up and can be smoked in a joint, bowl, bong, or any way one can find to burn flower. The relaxing and euphoric sensation is enjoyed by many people. Despite this, it was impossible to consume your favorite alternative cannabinoids in the same fashion for a long time. Alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8, HHC, and THC-O were relegated to being ingested by other means, like gummies and resin. Recently, new developments have been made to expand how one can consume these alternative cannabinoids. The most significant breakthrough was the creation of alternative cannabinoid flower through the process of infusion. Now, if you have been craving the sensation of smoking flower while also trying completely legal alternative cannabinoids, you can finally light one up with infused flower.

The invention of cannabinoid infused flower is so new that there is not a significant amount of information on the topic. In this article, we seek to rectify the information gap by walking you through the process of infused flower production, along with the experience of trying infused flower. If you have questions like, “how is infused flower made?” “is infused flower grown like cannabis?” or “how do you feel when you smoke infused flower?” we have all of these answers and more. If you are fascinated with this new form of alternative cannabinoid products, whether that be their production, the high, or both, read on to become an infused flower expert.

How Is Infused Flower Made?

The production of infused flower begins with the production of alternative cannabinoids. Alternative cannabinoids come from the hemp plant. First, the hemp plant’s flower is distilled into a sticky liquid. This distilled liquid is known as CBD, a popular alternative cannabinoid in its own right. However, the distilled liquid contains not only CBD but also trace amounts of other cannabinoids, commonly called alternative cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are natural chemicals that are contained in the Cannabis and Hemp plants. The most famous cannabinoid is THC, the natural chemical responsible for the marijuana high. However, THC is not the only cannabinoid in Cannabis. There are an estimated two hundred cannabinoids in Cannabis, and these cannabinoids are known as alternative cannabinoids. In order to create these alternative cannabinoids, they are commonly extracted from CBD.

After CBD is distilled into liquid form, the extraction of alternative cannabinoids begins. Cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 10 are removed from the CBD oil and are distilled into their own liquids. Once these alternative cannabinoids are extracted and refined, they can be put into non-liquid products. The liquid cannabinoids are cooked into gummies and cookies and made into resin for vape cartridges. Despite this, there is no simple way to consume these cannabinoids as flower. The infusion process was invented to put these liquid cannabinoids into flower form.

The process of infusion begins with the Hemp flower. The Hemp flower is harvested from the plant and looks like nuggets that are visually indiscernible from the Cannabis plant. However, if you smoke Hemp flower expecting Cannabis, you will surely see the difference. On its own, the Hemp flower does not cause a high, but the infusion process changes its psychoactive properties. During infusion, the Hemp flower is dunked into alternative cannabinoid liquid distillate. The flower is left in the distillate for an extended period of time until the liquid soaks into the flower. Once the liquid cannabinoid has been absorbed into the Hemp flower, the infusion process is complete. Now, instead of having Hemp flower, it is Delta 8, or THC-O infused flower. After the completion of infusion, the flower can be ground up and smoked like marijuana, and it gives you the high of the infused alternative cannabinoid.

All in all, the process of infusion is a lengthy one. The process begins by distilling the Hemp flower into CBD. Then, alternative cannabinoids are extracted by the CBD to create alternative cannabinoid distillate. After distillation, more Hemp flower is soaked in the alternative cannabinoids. Once the alternative cannabinoid distillate is absorbed by the Hemp flower, the Hemp flower is considered infused flower. This process may be long, but the results are so good that it is well worth the wait.

What Is It Like To Smoke Infused Flower?

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Now that you know about the infusion process, you may be interested in trying some. I have some firsthand experience with some of our infused flower products and can walk you through what it is like to use infused flower, specifically Delta 8 THC infused flower.

First of all, the infused flower grinds just like marijuana. I wondered if it would be too sticky or dry, but the nuggets are practically identical. After I ground it up, I decided to roll it into a joint. The sticky flower was perfect for packing a tight joint that would last a while. Once I finished, I got to the most important part, enjoying the fruits of my labor.

When I lit it up, the first puff tasted exactly like marijuana. I had no expectations of how the Hemp flower would taste and was pleased that it was similar to a familiar sensation. As the session continued, I noticed that the joint burned really well, almost better than marijuana. I did not have to deal with troughs or relighting the joint like I sometimes have to. If you think I just roll crappy joints, that may be a valid criticism, but I really think the infused flower made a difference. As I finished the joint, I was deep into the relaxing high from the Delta 8 infusion. The high was not as intense as a marijuana joint, but it was comparable to Delta 8 carts and gummies.

I wondered if infused joints would be a mess, or would only cause you a small high, but neither of these was the case. The flower grinded and rolled great, and I felt high after the first few puffs. Now that I have tried Delta 8 infused flower, I am interested in trying other infusions, especially THC-O. For me, THC-O always takes a while to kick in, so I wonder if I will feel anything instantly when it is smoked instead. Sadly, that will have to wait until another blog. For now, I can assure you that Delta 8 infused flower tastes like the real thing and gives you the high of Delta 8. As I try more infused flower, I have high expectations after my great experience with a Delta 8 infusion.