Holiday High: Decompress With Hemp

The holiday season is upon us once again. If you love the holidays, you want to return to warm wood fires, festive feasts, and a cheerful atmosphere. The holidays can be a wonderful time of year, but they cause headaches for many people. For everything good about the holidays, there are an equal number of stressors. Paying the bills, organizing travel plans to see family, scrounging up money to put presents under the tree, working a second job for extra holiday liquidity, and coping with frustrating family members are realities for many people. Destressing is difficult with the added stress of the holidays, but hemp is here to hemp

Hemp products are the ideal way to help with holiday stress. According to the American Psychological Association, “Nearly a quarter of Americans reported feeling ‘extreme stress’ come holiday time.” Stress turns what should be a jolly holiday season into an anxiety gauntlet. Hemp products like Delta 8, HHC, and CBD can lessen the anxiety and stress you feel around the holidays. These products help with everything from lowering anxiety at work to giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling during long winter nights. If you want to relax during the festive season, use our tips to stay high for the holidays.

Hemp For Work Stress

For many people, work-related stress peaks during the holiday season. Many people get second jobs to earn extra dough for the holidays, holiday shoppers swamp retail workers, and short daylight hours make the office seem more like a prison. To avoid the holiday stress and blues, hemp products can help destress and reinvigorate you.

Believe it or not, certain hemp products are great to take during work hours. Now, we are not recommending that you show up for work high. Working high is a recipe for disaster. However, several hemp products are “non-psychoactive.” Psychoactive cannabinoids cause a “high,” but non-psychoactive cannabinoids keep you sober. These cannabinoids do not cause a high, but that does not mean they do not have benefits.

The most famous non-psychoactive hemp-derived cannabinoid is CBD. The cannabinoid may not cause a high, but it can dramatically change how your body feels. Studies have shown that CBD use can significantly reduce stress and anxiety. Therefore, if you are worried about another hectic day at work, some CBD oil in the morning can help ease your daily stress.Holiday Hemp CBD Oil

Furthermore, CBD also aids with aches and pains. If you work a job where you are on your feet all day, like retail or construction, you likely come home dog-tired. Stiff backs and painful joints can linger for weeks and might lead to severe injuries. CBD helps reduce aches and pains, ensuring you are in peak shape. If you are hurting after a long day on the floor, taking some CBD oil can provide some relief for the last couple hours of your shift. If you want the benefits of cannabinoids while remaining sober at work, CBD is a must for the holidays.

Hemp And Gift Giving

Much of the holiday season revolves around giving and receiving gifts. Although many of us have great memories of unwrapping presents, gift-giving becomes a stressful scenario as we grow older. We want to give gifts people will love and use for years, not just stick in a drawer and forget. Also, the stress of topping last year’s gift can spiral into a stressful holiday season. Finding the perfect gift is paramount, and hemp can help.

Embracing hemp products can lower your gifting stress and make you think of a creative gift. If you are struggling to think of the perfect gift for your spouse, parents, children, or friends, hemp can help. A Delta 8 gummy can spark creativity and help you think of the ideal gift.

For a long time, pop culture has associated the high from cannabis and hemp cannabinoids with creativity. There is a debate surrounding hemp’s ability to make you more creative. Many studies have concluded that hemp does not make you more creative but makes you think you are more creative. You might think hemp is useless for promoting creativity, but a placebo is often just as effective.

If you cannot think of a creative gift for someone in your life, taking a Delta 8 gummy or using an HHC vape may solve your problems. Although hemp may not make you more creative, the high sparks a new state of mind. Instead of being stuck in a rut, hemp changes your state of mind. Stressing over finding the perfect gift becomes a joyful brainstorming session. Also, the hemp products you are using might be the perfect gift.

A Holiday High For Family Celebrations

One of the essential parts of the holidays is coming together as a family. Extended family will travel long distances to see each other for the first time all year. Many of us have loving families that make wonderful memories over the holiday season. However, if you have never had your family get on your nerves during holidays, you are a liar.

We all have family members that get on our nerves. You might rather jump in a frozen lake than hear your cousin try and explain his cryptocurrency business to grandma again or hear your crazy uncle tell you alien reptiles control the US government. At some point, you need a break from family. Hemp products give you that relaxing break.

The best time to take hemp products is when you finally find some quiet time. Maybe you turn in or wake up early for some peace and quiet. Trust us, if you take more than your regular dose of Delta 8 or HHC, you will not think about your family for the next few hours. Also, a discreet hit of a vape before family dinner or while watching football can relax your family-related anxiety.

Responsible Holiday High

Although hemp products are great for reducing anxiety and stress, you should enjoy these products responsibly. Getting high all day everyday is not the answer to whatever is stressing you. These products work great as a reward for a hard day’s work, a satisfying cap to your daily routine. Also, they are ideal for a quick break from family and friends. Remember to use hemp products responsibly this holiday season, and you will have a relaxing holiday season.