Hemp Drinks: Your New Favorite Beverage

When you think about ingesting hemp and cannabis, your first thought is probably smoking. Grinding up flower and rolling a joint is the most iconic way to enjoy hemp and cannabis. However, there are many other ways to enjoy hemp and cannabis. You can use a vape, which heats oil or resin to produce cannabis vapor. There are many ways to consume hemp and cannabis that do not require using the lungs. Gummies, cookies, pills, and oils all provide ways to enjoy hemp and cannabis without getting your lungs involved. Now, there is a brand-new way to ingest cannabis and hemp, water-soluble hemp drinks and mixers.

Cannabis and hemp drinks are the newest products on the market. These drinks are similar to oil products, but there is a crucial difference. Your favorite hemp oils do not mix well with liquids because they are not water-soluble. We developed hemp products that dissolve quickly in water and other liquids. Therefore, you can put hemp into all of your favorite drinks.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about these new drinkable hemp products. We will discuss the history of these products, how they are made, how they work, and how you can enjoy hemp drinks. Once you finish reading, you will be an expert on hemp drinks.

The History of Hemp Drinks

Although commercial hemp drinks seem very new, they are actually thousands of years old. The oldest recorded hemp drink is Bhang lassi, an Indian drink. The drink comes from Hindu lore and is essential to many Hindu religious rituals. Bhang lassi is a mixture of milk, sugar, nuts, and hemp. The process involves boiling water with hemp, grinding the soaked hemp, and mixing it back into the drink. The drink is delicious, but it is a laborious process. Also, the drink contains tiny particles of hemp matter, which some may find unpleasant. The modern hemp drink industry seeks to incorporate the pleasurable parts of Bhang lassi while making drinks more versatile and palatable.ancient hemp

Despite the ancient history of hemp drinks, hemp drinks are a recent development. The first modern hemp drinks were beers, where brewers replaced hops with hemp flower. These non-alcoholic beers would still have a significant amount of extraneous hemp particles. These particles give the drinks a sandy texture. So, around the start of the 2010s, the race was on to dissolve hemp in liquid perfectly.

Making Water-Soluble Hemp

The key to the perfect hemp drink is to make it water-soluble. A water-soluble mixture can easily dissolve into liquids. Let us think of an example to show the importance of water-soluble liquids. If you are boiling water for pasta, you might also put in a little olive oil. The olive oil will float on top of the water and will not mix. Olive oil is an example of a non-water-soluble liquid. Now, think about your morning cup of coffee. You mix in some coffee creamer, which easily mixes into the cup of joe. Imagine if the coffee creamer was like olive oil. It would rest on top of the coffee instead of mixing. So, if you took a drink, you may get a mouthful of creamer or coffee, not an even mix. Hemp drink manufacturers struggled with this exact issue.

Cannabinoids are inherently fat-soluble, meaning they will not dissolve in water. If you want to put cannabis and hemp into drinks, this is a huge issue. If you mix in hemp oil, such as CBD oil, it will not mix with the water, like olive oil. So, manufacturers developed new techniques to dissolve cannabinoids into water.

After many experiments, scientists created a technique to dissolve cannabis and hemp in water. The technique is known as nano-emulsification. During the process of nano-emulsification, hemp breaks down into microscopic particles. Then, the microscopic hemp particles are combined with an emulsifier, a compound that helps mix oils and liquids. The resulting drink is smooth, so there is no sandy texture, and it mixes well with any liquid. So, the next step is incorporating it into drinks.

How Do Hemp Drinks Affect Your Body?

Like any other means of ingesting hemp, hemp drinks uniquely affect your body. Smoking cannabis and hemp will result in an instant high, whereas eating gummies result in a slow-burn high. Hemp drinks give you the fuzzy body high of an edible, with the instant action of smoking.

Unlike other edibles, the nano-emulsification of the hemp plant results in an instant high. Supposedly, the stomach lining absorbs the microscopic hemp particles; other organs, like the liver, absorb the larger edible particles. Therefore, the microscopic particle absorption results in a quicker high.

Ideally, hemp drinks function similarly to alcohol. The psychoactive effects begin instantaneously; they last an hour or two and are a regular dose. You should pick up a hemp drink and know how you will feel if you drink one, two, three, or more. Hemp drinks make you experience a cannabinoid high in fast-acting, predictable chunks.

How To Enjoy Hemp Drinks

Hemp drinks come in all shapes and sizes. There are hemp IPAs, sparkling hemp waters, hemp cocktails, and much more. Many of these drinks come premade, packaged in cans and bottles. On the other hand, you can also buy water-soluble hemp mixers.Delta 8 Elixir Hemp Mixer

The best way to enjoy hemp drinks is to mix them yourself. This way, you can control how much you take in one dose. Also, you can mix the water-soluble mixture with your favorite drinks. A mixer means you do not have to search through packaged hemp drinks to find a tasty one because you already know your favorite drink will be delicious.

Also, you can choose what type of drink you mix with hemp. Mix it with your favorite sparkling water or put it in hot tea. One special way to use the mixture is to put it in an alcoholic cocktail. Alcohol and hemp can be a perfect or awful match. Alcohol and hemp will intensify the effects of both drugs, resulting in feeling “crossed” or “twisted.” The mixture can get the best out of both drugs at your ideal ratio. However, too much can result in a long, uncomfortable night. If you want to experiment with your favorite cocktails, go easy on the hemp mixer the first time. Then, you can slowly increase the amount to get to your perfect spot.

Hemp mixers and drinks are the future of hemp products. The oldest hemp drinks are thousands of years old, but new technology improves these concoctions. Nano-emulsification techniques result in microscopic, easily absorbable, water-soluble hemp drinks. Take your favorite drink and add a hemp mixer, and you will see what the excitement is all about.