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Fun Things To Do When You’re Stoned

Getting stoned is a great way to relax. After a long day at work or a way to enjoy the weekend, cannabis products can turn an average night into an entertaining adventure. Every stoner has countless stories about times when using cannabis led to a hilarious event. However, you might feel like you don’t get the same enjoyment as others from cannabis. Just ingesting cannabis is not a ticket to a good time, it’s what you do and who you do it with that makes cannabis incredible.

Many first-time users might not know what to do after using cannabis for the first time. Other long-time cannabis enjoyers might feel stuck in a rut of repetition. Whoever you are, it’s essential to think of ways to spend your time when you smoke cannabis. Thankfully, the team at Farma Barn has some ideas of what you can do when you smoke cannabis. Here is our list of fun things everyone should try when stoned.

Hanging Out With Friends

To many, this idea might seem obvious. For others, they might already always use cannabis with their buddies. However, there are few ways to make cannabis more fun than enjoying it with friends. A group adds spontaneity to your nightly cannabis sessions. Someone always has funny stories, and others follow with infectious giggles. Also, friends make it easy to devise event plans after getting baked. Therefore, one will always have a good time.

Getting stoned with a group is not only a good time – it forms special bonds between people. Many likely met a friend by using cannabis together they would not have met otherwise. Using cannabis in a group builds bridges between unlikely friends, and it can even help widen one’s worldview.

Make Some Artwhen you're stoned create art

It doesn’t matter if you have not picked up a paintbrush since elementary school or have never written a poem before outside a haiku, making art while stoned is a blast. Your imagination can run wild on the canvas, or plinking away at some piano keys can inspire a song. Furthermore, artistic endeavors are not only fun; they also create a profound sense of accomplishment, even if you never share it with anyone else. Also, for those out there who already have an artistic passion, getting high every once and a while inspires new and creative ideas. Especially if you do not think cannabis feels like it used to, try making some art, and it will awaken your imagination.

Playing Video Games

This is a tried-and-true method for stoners everywhere. Playing games online with friends or enjoying a single-player experience is made even better by cannabis. The varied world of video games provides an escape from reality, one that sucks the player right into the virtual space. Walking around in an open video game world, one can embrace the creativity of gameplay mechanics, enjoy the story, or simply appreciate the beautiful scenery. Also, fun couch co-op games bring friends together in a competitive environment, which will definitely result in some friendly trash talk and laughs. Even if you are not a gamer, playing video games while using cannabis is something you should try.

Going On A Hike

Cannabis originates in the natural world, so it’s only fitting to enjoy the outdoors in concert with cannabis. A short trek to an outlook can be absolutely invigorating, and using cannabis enhances the experience. Wandering through old forests and across babbling brooks awakens a beautiful appreciation for nature many of us miss out on in our daily lives. When you finally reach an overlook or landmark, you want to sit back and enjoy the view for a long time.

Making Foodwhen you're stoned make some recipies

This isn’t your classic “boil some water for mac and cheese-making food.” No sir. You should attempt to make a feast while using cannabis. Although many people reach for comfort foods when they get the munchies (there’s nothing wrong with that), making a recipe can be a blast. Getting high can be a great way to creatively combine ingredients if you feel like there’s nothing to eat in the house. Also, making desserts is a blast too. Measuring out the flour, cracking eggs, and mixing it up are made far more enjoyable when one is baked. However, make sure you don’t get distracted and leave the oven on!

Go To A Museum

Many people think that learning and cannabis don’t mix, but this is the exact opposite of reality. Cannabis inspires inquisitive minds to search out answers to questions they might not commonly ask. Going to a museum, art exhibit, or zoo is a great way to satisfy one’s desire for knowledge. Gazing upon thousand-year-old artifacts and reading the details about tiny sea creatures in an aquarium will rejuvenate your mind and inspire you to learn more. Although a museum is not the first thing stoners think of when they get high, it will undoubtedly be a nice change of pace.

Play A Sportget stoned and play a sport

Pickup sports are a great way to enjoy cannabis in a group setting. Grabbing a frisbee and flinging it around a backyard is a blast: having people try fancy tricks, laughing when someone misses an easy catch, and going crazy when someone makes a fantastic throw are just some of the fun sports can bring. If it’s that much fun throwing around a disc, imagine what a basketball game or kicking around a soccer ball is like. In short, try sports the next time you get stoned.

Do Something You Loved As A Child

Many of us look back fondly on our time as children when we didn’t have a care in the world. Cannabis use gives one a similar childlike zeal and loosens our inhibitions about acting immaturely. You should definitely try doing something you remember loving as a child. You can take out and play with your old LEGO sets or break out your childhood video game console for a vintage experience. Even playing playground games you made up as a child can be an enjoyable time. If you want to recapture the magic of cannabis, remembering your favorite times as a child is a terrific way to reinvigorate your routine.

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