Don't Forget About Alternative Cannabinoids

Alternative Cannabinoids and THCa

The thriving alternative cannabinoid market is fully embracing new THCa products. For years, alternative cannabinoids were a legal stand-in for marijuana. As people moved to legal products, these products provided a euphoric high, but not identical to marijuana. Many people labeled these products as alternatives to marijuana, something legal to scratch the itch but could not measure up to marijuana. Then, THCa changed everything. A legal alternative to marijuana, THCa provides an identical high to marijuana and is legal in more states than marijuana. For many, their tribulations ended with THCa, no longer searching for legal products that did not measure up. Although THCa is a fantastic addition to the stashes of alternative cannabinoid enthusiasts, many are abandoning alternatives like Delta 8 and HHC entirely. We’re here to tell you that THCa is a game-changer, but don’t leave alternative cannabinoids behind.

There is no legal alternative cannabinoid that offers an identical high to marijuana other than THCa. For that reason, many no longer see the reason to keep using Delta 8, HHC, Delta 10, THC-O, and the wide array of other alternative cannabinoids. However, even the highs from these cannabinoids are not the same as marijuana, they are not lesser. Continuing to embrace alternative cannabinoids opens the door to new cannabis experiences. Before we discuss how alternative cannabinoids like Delta 8 are still essential parts of anyone’s stash, let’s talk a little more about THCa.

What Is THCa?

Although many alternative cannabinoids promise a similar experience to marijuana, THCa is the only true direct substitute, and chemistry backs it up. The primary cannabinoid in marijuana is THC, which is responsible for causing a high. THCa is the unactivated version of THC. Thankfully, it is very easy to activate. All that is required to turn THCa into THC is heat. So every time one packs a bowl of THCa and lights it up, it becomes pure THC. Therefore, anyone with a grinder, rolling papers, and a lighter can easily activate THCa, resulting in a high identical to marijuana.Alternative cannabinoids: THCa

If THCa is a heat source away from marijuana, why is it legal in so many more states? The answer lies in the 2018 Farm Bill. The bill made cannabis products containing less than 0.3% THC legal. The legality is why CBD and Delta 8 products have become so available over the past few years – they fall within legal parameters for hemp products. THCa falls under the same category. Legal THCa products contain the required amounts of THC and, therefore, are legal.

Even though THCa and THC are nearly identical, the federal government distinguishes between them. However, each state has different requirements. More and more states are beginning to legislate against THCa products, opting for a total THC requirement that combines the two cannabinoids. Before purchasing any alternative cannabinoids, make sure to check if it is legal in your state or not. Since many states are currently introducing legislation, it is more important than ever to understand the legal status of these products.

However, THCa is still legal in far more states than recreational marijuana. Despite this, you should still invest in other alternative cannabinoids.

Why Keep Using Alternative Cannabinoids?

Many people gravitate towards THCa, holding it as the gold standard for alternative cannabinoids. A significant portion of alternative cannabinoid enthusiasts now only purchase THCa products. There is nothing wrong with exclusively enjoying THCa. If it is your favorite alternative cannabinoid and nothing else feels the same, then go ahead and enjoy. However, those who only enjoy THCa now should still give other alternative cannabinoids a shot again.The entourage effect

Alternative cannabinoids are not worse highs than marijuana, they are different. Delta 10 provides a more energizing high than any strain of marijuana, and HHC creates a chiller vibe than marijuana. For any person, their experiences with these cannabinoids are unique. Therefore, one might feel relaxed from Delta 10 and energized with HHC. Due to these unique effects, everyone should give these alternative cannabinoids a try at least once or twice. Perhaps you can find that something you once considered an alternative creates an experience you really enjoy.

Additionally, one can mix alternative cannabinoids with THCa. The mixture of cannabinoids results in the entourage effect, which can intensify and change highs. Smoking a THCa joint and then ripping an HHC vape can create an intense but relaxing body high. One of my personal favorites is grinding up THCa and THC-O infused flower, which kicks in about 30 minutes later than the THCa, creating a high that evolves with time. Combining alts and THCa can create a favorite mixture far better than taking either product alone. Furthermore, the entourage effect does not end with psychoactive cannabinoids. Non-psychoactive cannabinoids can also create a profound effect when combined with THCa.

Ever-Useful CBD

The most ubiquitous alternative cannabinoid is CBD. The non-psychoactive cannabinoid helps with aches and pains, sleep, and anxiety. For example, pain-killing topical creams infused with CBD can help soothe an irritated muscle or joint. Although THCa can help kill pain too, CBD can be used at any time because it does not cause a high. CBD before work can help kill pain while you stay sober. However, many do not know that CBD can have psychoactive effects due to the entourage effect.Alternative cannabinoid: CBD-A

Next time you smoke some THCa, take a full dropper of CBD before or after. I can guarantee you will see a pronounced effect. That may be an intensifying effect that gets you even higher or rounds out your high as you come down. Personally, I find that a rip of a CBD vape as I come down at the end of the night helps me sleep like a rock. Try CBD the next time you smoke THCa, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the altered high.

Without a doubt, CBD should be a mainstay for any THCa lover. Considering CBD’s other qualities, it’s safe to say it will remain popular despite THCa’s rise. Other alternative cannabinoids might see a decline, but for anyone who loves cannabis, they should always be a part of your stash.